Lavender has long been associated with France....  Well, why go all the way to Provence when you can enjoy Lavender right here in VA?

 June is Lavender Thyme in Virginia and the farms are waiting for you!

                      In 2023 we will be adding 5 new Lavender farms to our Lavender Thyme Trail.
                                                              Stay tuned! Exciting times ahead 

Visit an Herb Farm near Wytheville which specializes in Lavender, see Lavender plantings at a B&B/Winery  near Blacksburg and finally meander through rows of Lavender plantings in a reclaimed hay field near Riner.  
                    Southwest Virginia is home to multiple Lavender farms so come explore and see what we have to offer.
              As more Lavender growers open up their properties we will be adding to the trail.              
 So much more to come.... 


Lavender in bloom at Beagle Ridge Herb Farm


        Beagle Ridge Herb Farm with            

Grosso Lavender in bloom.

Beagle Ridge Herb Farm-Wytheville VA. In 2001 Beagle Ridge Herb Farm opened its gardens to the public on the site of a former hunting preserve. The gardens were planted with a variety of herbs, both annuals and perennials  and native shrubs. Lavender had long been a favorite of the owners but as new transplants to the area they were unsure of how well Lavender would do in this climate. 5 summers later, 14 varieties of Lavender were planted and evaluated and the answer was YES Lavender loves this climate. The gardens have evolved into theme gardens, Lavender collections and plantings and a shop which boosts a line of Lavender products which are sold all over the country. In 2019 a butterfly shaped Labyrinth was added and although it will take a few years to fill in, this meditative area will be a wonderful addition to the property.In addition the Outdoor Tea Room/Cafe will be open on weekends, Serendipity- a wedding venue, Flying Flowers-a butterfly house and Lick Mountain Excursions-outdoor guided tours have been added to the property. 

After all these years, the passion for Lavender continues to grow and they love to share it with their visitors.Visitors have come from all 50 states and 24 foreign countries to walk the gardens, cut some lavender and enjoy the quiet of this location.

 Beliveau Estates- near Blacksburg, this mountaintop venue includes a B&B, a winery and a wedding pavilion surrounded by Lavender. The B&B opened in (*&^ and soon after was joined by a vineyard/winery with award wining wines. Wineries are popular locations for summer weddings and summer and Lavender go hand in hand. Beliveau Estates

 Beliveau Estates 

Mystic River Lavender-Riner VA.-Upon retiring from the corporate world, Janice and Keith Mileski fell in love with herbs and soon succumbed to lure of Lavender. As customers and friends, they actually helped plant the original hillside plantings of Lavender at Beagle Ridge and have since created their own Lavender fields. The farm was started in 2008 and concentrated on Basil, Rosemary, Sage and Mints and of course Lavender.  As plantings grew Janice applied her interest in the benefits of Lavender with Keith's knowledge of chemistry to craft a line of value added products. These include body care products; lotions, creams, sprays handcrafted soaps and dog care products.

With amazing vistas their location includes a serene setting to walk through their Lavender fields. Visits by appointment only and during their Lavender festival in June. See contact us page.

 Mystic River Lavender